Helios Matheson complaints – Salary Issues

H&M – See the light.  There is only darkness within Helios and Matheson. Stay away!

I had worked with Helios and Matheson IT ltd. for around 10 months and would like to share my reviews and problems I have faced working with this company.

Helios and Matheson is into IT and consultancy services and I was working at client location with a MNC at Mumbai.

It had been horrible experience and I regret that it was a bad decision to join this company.

From fourth month onwards I have never received salary on time. Since then every month I had to beg for my salary, escalate the issue to helios matheson staff & management, write hundreds of mail to them to get the salary.

It was next to impossible to reach anyone at Helios and Matheson Chennai & Bangalore offices as they do not answer calls and when they do they are busy in a meeting or they just hang up the phone stating that it’s a wrong number. They don’t even respond to the mails and it was very frustrating. Entire H&M staff are highly unprofessional.

From the day I have joined HR, admin and other staff in H&M have changed regularly and it’s difficult to know to whom I shall get in touch to share the issue. Moreover, I feel like H&M staff (especially Mahesh, Indumati, Saikumari) are expert to tell lies and cheat everyone.

I have experienced mental torture and financial stress working with helios matheson it ltd and so I have finally quit. Final settlement Salary and letter is a big issue here and still I have not received salary for 2 months although somehow I managed to get the letters. Apart, they have deducted certain amount from salary as bonus. I have sent several reminders for Form 16 but had no luck with it.

I have raised the FNF salary issue , bonus , Form 16 with below from H&M

Overall H&M is a fraud company and would suggest better be jobless but don’t join this company.

Please share/comment if you have the same issue. You may contact me at topushpaa(at)gmail.com

26 comments on “Helios Matheson complaints – Salary Issues
  1. Ajith says:

    I have to get the full and final settlement from H&M awaited for 6 months but no progress from H&M …. Now in the process to file a legal case for the same if anyone have any updates please reach me at 09886163461

  2. Varun Mehta says:

    i also worked wid accenture under payroll of H&M. Its a fraud company. more than 9 months have been passed but no response form that shameless people. They ate our money, earning by us after doing hard work. I am planning to file a court case. I know some other people also facing the same issue. We are planning to file a group case against H&M and Mahesh NS, Sravya and Indhumati. Pls contact me @9923108435 or at er.varunkmehta@gmail. Lets fight together to get out money back.

  3. Varun Mehta says:

    Hey Ajith,

    I m planning to do same. I ll reach u at ur mobile soon,.

  4. kamal prasad sahoo says:

    I am also facing the same Issue.Sep-2014 and Oct-2014 salary and all the expenses from June-2014 to Oct-2014 are pending from Helios and Matheson. I went there in Helios and Matheson Office Bangalore and discussed with Mahesh and Lavanya. but that was not a worth discussion.If any one has any update then reach me out in.. 09860040121..

    • G.Karthikeyan says:

      JP Nagar office, H&M office at Ascendos and Nungambakkam – Chennai are also closed. I checked last week.

    • G.Karthikeyan says:

      JP Nagar office – Bang , H&M office at Ascendos and Nungambakkam – Chennai are also closed. I checked last week.

  5. hm employee says:

    shakila give cheq. shakila.l@heliosmatheson.com

  6. Ajith says:

    H&M employee ,,

    Could you please in person ping me shakila.l’s #


  7. Ajith says:

    I still dont have any response from Shakila for my emails .


  8. Shruti says:

    Helios & Matheson is a fraud company . i am yet to receive my 2 months salary , 2 years PF Amount,but this cheater , beggar people are not responding to the emails, Phone calls, messages . i wish who ever kept hold on my CTC n other money they all should fall in such situation,Dubble amount of their money should go from their own pocket . just for the name shake its a public limited company , CMMI Level 3 company but the fact is its a beggar , cheater,garbage consultancy. moreover the management people are worst .i dont have words to mention here for them. All cheaters god will punish you .

  9. Shruti says:

    Hi Ravi ,

    i have the same issues . i am also agree with you . i will contact you on your number today

    • Shruti says:

      i wish to see the helios management people inside the jail . if you cant pay then why are you hiring us .All that management buddha’s are sitting inside the office under AC/ fully furnished room by eating fresh fruites ,healthy lunch from our money .

  10. Ajith says:

    Repost with updated info

    A fraud company who works with their new name “Helios and Matheson Global Services pvt. ltd” (Old name Helios and Matheson Information Technology pvt Ltd) which have never settled full and final settlement yet mostly a year . People who try to join please be vigilant and who are employed too
    I was deployed with one of a reputed MNC or there ITES business, I have to get the full and final settlement from H&M…. MY last workday with H&M was 25th Sep 2014, Awaited for 11 months but no progress from H&M …. Now in the process to file a legal case (Case is stuck as they have changed all there communication address ,Mobile #s, Land phone #, Email addresses , They shited from there present location ). For the same if anyone have any updates please reach me at 09886163461 Personal advise Please be careful dealing with H&M They have ongoing cases on for nonpayment of salary for employees .. Nonpayment of investments funds from public and even fraud case registered on Directors. HR & Finance team don’t have basic ethics when it comes to pending payments or Full and final settlement Tried contacting the HR. Finance team, Accounts Team, Bangalore team, Chennai team. Escalated to client too but no response. F&F not received as on date 20th Aug 2015. In this process of Follow-up I Spoke to Suparna COO of H&M, Sadashivam Charted accountant who takes care of current finance, Mahesh NS. HR Asst.VP (Another Major Fraud in the company, Who normally Signs the offer letter for new recruits) and several others communications.
    If you have a second option even the offer is bit less than H&M please go ahead with the other company .Don’t join H&M you will be fooled. They don’t have any ethics. They don’t care for state or national laws. Soon they have to shutdown there business. Labour commissioner if you read this please help people who are suffering because of H&M. I am always told they are “working on it” from the time I started following on the due amount. Came to know that Tax which was deducted from my monthly salary is not deposited to respective tax account yet….
    Check the link for more info
    Old address http://www.heliosmatheson.com (u will get msg as Server not found)
    New address http://www.hmgs.co.in
    They operate with their current name helios and matheson Global Services

  11. Ajith says:

    Any updates ??

  12. Ajith says:

    Pushpa , Varun Mehta , kamal prasad sahoo ,ravi kiran dasari ,Shruti

    Please contact me at 9886163461


  13. Karthik Sreerama says:


    Anyone please provide Helios And Matheson chennai new address.

  14. Fed Up Employee says:

    Guys, I tried calling on Bangalore number mentioned by Rajesh, it shows out of order. See ministry of corporate affairs – company/llp master data – Helios and Matheson Information technology – it seems has no prosecution details!!!! All please check this and let us write to Corporate affairs to look into the matter

  15. Rajesh says:

    Helios and Matheson Global service
    Capital Tower Building
    9th Floor, No. 180
    Kodambakkam High Road
    Nungambakkamchennai – 600034

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